Getting the Specifications of CPU and GPU cards, OpenCL + OSX

Code: openclTest.cpp    Makefile




For several reasons I chose to have a go with OpenCL. Being mainly a High Performance Engineer, and even though I prefer NVIDIA CUDA, OpenCL is very interesting, and a very nice treat in what parallelism, portabiliy, and General computation is concerned. Therefore I grabbed my 27" IMac, and started Jumping around this Quick General Guide from IVEC. 


For other systems like Linux and Windows, you need to install OpenCL explicitly, however in OS X it already comes embedded, so you only need to learn how to Link your program to it. If you're in OSX as me, and if you love things uncomplicated and wrapped in a pleasant-to-the-eye layer, all you need to do is use Xcode, create your project, and add the framework in this place:

Xcode Adding OpenCL Framework


If you're like me, then you prefer Linux style, everything raw but uncomplicated. For me, programming is all about the program in text files plus a Makefile. It is clean, with absolutely no extra garbage, and easier to port into other platforms. So, you can grab a C/C++ compliler and add the flag "-framework OpenCL", and that's it. It is different from Linux, but at least I am telling you the secret here, there is no secret extra hours of searching on the Web on why you're getting this or that compiling error, after adding OpenCL ports and adding tons of extra lines, specifying include paths and Library paths. 


To compile under the Console: g++ -Wall  -g  -o  openclTest  openclTest.cpp  -framework  OpenCL

To execute: ./openclTest


The result is, for my IMac, the following:

OpenCL Specifications OSX





There is also a sample code that usually comes in the AMD APP SDK, called CLInfo. A snippet of the output is:


$ ./CLInfo


Number of platforms: 

Platform Profile: 

Platform Version: 

Platform Name: 

Platform Vendor:  


Number of devices: 


Device Type:

Board name:

Device Topology: 

Max compute units:

Max work items dimensions: 

Max work group size: 

Preferred vector width char: 

Local memory type: 

Local memory size:



Device OpenCL C version: 

Driver version: 

Max Constant Args: 

Global Mem Cache Size:



Device Type:

Device ID:

Max compute units:

Max work group size: 



Device OpenCL C version: 

Global Mem Cache Size:





OpenCL 1.2 AMD–APP (938.1)

AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing 

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. 





AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series

PCI[ B#1, D#0, F#0 ]








Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

OpenCL C 1.2

CAL 1.4.1741 (VM) 









Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 680 @ 3.60 GHz 


OpenCL C 1.2 



The code CLInfo gets the majority of the specifications of all the OpenCL Capable devices of your system. I am posting here the full code, so it is just compile and run. With this being said, I personaly find the code a bit bitter for the beginner's eyes, and therefore I recommend to use it only to get all the specs you need (or just to try things out). Other than that, I recommend using the other code examples I've put here, as they're friendlier and easier to understand, and faster for you to copy and reuse it for your needs.


Code: clInfo.cpp

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